Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Final Blog

This semester we have had a large focus on social media as part of business and business writing.  Although I did not like or enjoy the blogging or the twitter I do see them becoming more and more popular with businesses.  Social media does offer benefits to businesses one of which is top of mind awareness.  Keeping your brand and name out there for all to see as much as possible is going to keep people thinking of your business.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media websites also allows for business updates to consumers.  You see businesses post promotions they are having in store or online, coupons to print off, new releases, and even public apologies. 

One of the biggest differences from “standard” business writing and the “social media” business writing is the format.  Punctuation, grammar, and even spelling are less vital as it is now more socially acceptable to write with abbreviation and symbols: LOL, BRB, UR, J, <3, 2night, BTW, LMAO, J/K, THX, WTF, ASAP.  Some of these I have even heard used in live conversations.  I guess we as a society are even getting to lazy to say words we just say letters now.  The other big difference with the new social media writing is the timely manner of information that is available to the public.  If something changes and consumers need to be aware of it ASAP the posting it on Twitter, Facebook, or a blog can be some of the fastest way to get the information out there.

I can see, in the very near future, social media business writing being a large job opportunity and believe that colleges will even begin to offer courses directed solely at this.  Some even go as far as having a business social media concentration or possibly a degree for it.  With the ease of internet access at home, in the office, at wifi hotspots, on smartphones, and on tablets consumers go there for their first source of information.  Most people will do research on the internet for a product they are looking to buy before even going into the store giving greater power to those businesses that do use social media for promoting.  With online buying options there is a fight to not even give a consumer the opportunity to go to a competitors store for comparison since the ease of buying is right there from the comfort of the house no need to even change out of your swear pants.

As I stated at the beginning of this article I did not enjoy the blogging or twitter part of the class.  Can I see them being an important part in the future of business writing yes, but do I see me being the person in the business doing this type of writing, NO.  It is an experience that I now have and would be happy if I never had to tweet or blog again.  I myself am still one for customer service and like and enjoy talking with people to learn about products and promotions. 

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