Monday, November 14, 2011

Loss of Pheasant Numbers Equals Loss of Revenue

Back in October the Iowa DNR put out a four part article on pheasant hunting here in IowaPart 1 talked about Iowa's history of pheasant hunting.  Part 2 talked about current status of pheasant and the decline we have seen in pheasant number, pheasant hunters, and habit for pheasants.  Part 3 talks about what is being done and can be done to help improve pheasant numbers for future years.  Part 4 gives insight to this 2011 -12 pheasant hunting forecast. 

Part 1 stated, "With its title of Pheasant Capital of North America gone for more than a decade, Iowa seems destined to be an afterthought in pheasant hunting circles."  You might as why is this important, well a little further down in the same article Part 1 tells you why, "Iowa hosted 30,000 to 50,000 nonresident pheasant hunters in years past. They stayed for days in small town hotels, ate in the cafés down the street and bought supplies from local stores; a multi-million dollar shot in the arm for small town Multi-million dollar revenue stream that has declined as rapidly as the pheasant numbers.  That kind of loss would cause concern and demand change in any business.  So what can we do to bring this money back to Iowa?

As the facts state within the four articles, weather is a large factor for the pheasant population and one that we can not control.  However habit is a second very large factor and this is one we can have some control over.  With a decline in habit brings a decline in pheasant numbers.  Land owners can plant natural grasses and flowers as well as food plots for pheasants to help with winter food and cover as well as spring nesting grounds.  Just adding habit back to the equation can help improve pheasant numbers which in turn will bring more hunters back into the fields, including out of state hunters who are a multi-million dollar opportunity. 

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