Monday, November 7, 2011

The Real You at Work

Who we are at home and who we are at work are sometimes completely different people.  As some people may see this as ok there are benefits to sharing who you are out side of work with everyone at work. recently posted an article talking about personal traits that can help an individual within the work place.  The article is called, "6 Personal Traits Will Accelerate Your Influence at Work." 

What do all 6 traits have in common?  They are all personal information about you.  What does this really mean?  This means try to make friends and build relationships at work.  People like someone they know and the more they know you the more they can like you.  Make each relationship a personal one.  This is best seen in trait number 6, Your Hobbies.  The article states, "What you do outside of work fuels your heart and soul...Share what drives you in ways that others don’t know about."  This can open up a connection with others at work who may share the same interests.  Think to your self, who are you more willing to help, a friend or a stranger?  When people know you they keep you in mind and when opportunities arise at work your name becomes part of the conversation.  A common marketing term is top of mind awareness meaning keeping your company's product on the consumers mind.  The same concept can be used about you at work.

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