Monday, November 14, 2011

Ch 6 Gathering Reader-Centered Information

In chapter 6  "Gathering Reader-Centered Information" of our text book guideline #2 is "Identify the full range of sources that may have helpful information."  Of course anyone doing research on any topic is most likely to go right online to for a quick search of information.  And liked we talked about in class chances are the top result will be a Wikipedia result.  Good bad or indifference there is a full range of sources that a person can look to for information.  Specialist and experts are some that build creditability for the writer.  Again our discussion in class shined a light on a place to find all these specialist and experts that I have never thought of before, Twitter.  This can provide those people and may even lead you to getting in contact with them for interviews or lead to articles, book, and research papers they may have already written.  Online provides many opportunities to find information, some good, some bad, some irrelevant but it seems as though this is the first place people go to do research so when you use the internet use it wisely.

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